Quantitative Fit Testing

Safety Hutch Inc believes it is critical that a worker who is required to wear a respirator be properly fitted for their mask. The fit-testing process involves selecting the correct size and type of respirator (mask) for each worker and ensuring that he/she knows how to don, use, and care for their mask correctly. Then by using our TSI Porta Count Fit Tester we ensure that the worker is properly fitted to their mask.


Safety Hutch Inc provides on-site Quantitative Fit Testing which complies with Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Regulations and CSA Z94.4-11.


We provide testing on the Following masks:

• N95 Filter Mask

• Air Purifying Respirators (Half & Full Face)

• Powered Air Purifying Respirators

• Gas Masks

• SCBA & SABA Masks




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