Traffic Safety Services

Safety Hutch Inc would like to help your company deal with the increasing amount of accidents and deaths on the roads in Saskatchewan & Alberta. With traffic trauma accounting for the leading cause of lost time injuries and related costs over the past decade in Alberta.


• Collisions are the number one cause of death in the workplace.

• More than 36% of all work-related deaths are due to traffic trauma.

• More than 30,000 Workers Compensation Board lost time claims are filed every year in Alberta as a

result of collisions.

• With employers losing in excess of $700 million every year in hard and soft costs of traffic collisions.



We at Safety Hutch Inc want to work with you to help promote and decrease the amount of traffic accidents that occur yearly in Saskatchewan & Alberta. Safety Hutch Inc has the ability to assist industry on various levels such as:


• Patrolling Private Roads looking for Aggressive driving behaviours and SPEEDERS.

• Looking for drivers on Cell Phones/Driving Distractions

• Instructing Defensive Driving classes

• Conducting Vehicle Safety Stop Checks/Road Control ensuring that:

• Drivers licenses and vehicle insurance is kept up to date

• Checking for impaired drivers

• Looking for Fatigued drivers

• And that ALL Vehicles are in safe driving condition.


"We provide a cost effective program that responds directly to the needs of our client."


"For every dollar spent on road safety, there is a $3.00 return."


Please contact us to discuss your traffic related issues.